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Veterinary Services

When you need emergency animal care or routine veterinary services, you can turn to your friends at All Care Animal Hospital in Minneola, FL. Our team provides ample experience caring for cats and dogs of Lake County, and we look forward to doing the same for your furry companion.

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How Can We Help Your Pet?
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Standard Appointments

Our team of professional animal caregivers emphasizes preventive care for a lifetime of pet wellness. We encourage pet owners to schedule regular visits to ensure their dogs and cats live at their best, and of course, healthiest. Pets are our kids — human children can vocalize when they’re not feeling well, animals on-the-other-hand, cannot. Hence the importance of continued veterinary care!

Pet Care

If your pet’s condition appears to be dire, don’t wait — All Care Animal Hospital provides emergency veterinary care to ensure it’s never too late. We have a veterinarian available 7-days-a-week to make sure your cat or dog’s bases are covered. We see our clients 24/7 and currently accept non-clients after hours.

We frequently deliver emergency pet care for a range of issues, including car accidents, snail bait poisoning, and chocolate ingestion.

Does your pet require emergency care? Call now!

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Additional Services

  • Preventative Care
  • Diagnostic Workups
  • Surgery

Allow All Care Animal Hospital to keep your pet healthy for a lifetime! To book a pet wellness visit, call 352-394-7444 or send a note today!


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